! Evangelical Same Sex Marriage % A Fifth Alternative for Evangelicals Addressing Same Sex Orientation .byline A Fifth Alternative for Evangelicals on Same Sex Orientation + Note Newer versions of these docs can be found at ^[180.org.au]. ^ http://180.org.au What remains here is just archival. + Abstract This paper presents a biblical argument for same sex marriage between same sex oriented partners, arranged in three questions: 1) Does scripture address orientation, understood as permanent, involuntary and exclusive same sex attraction? No, Paul makes that clear in four different ways in Rom 1. 2) Do the biblical judgements condemn same sex intercourse in a same sex marriage between same sex oriented partners as immoral and abhorrent? No: There are eleven reasons why same sex intercourse is biblically condemned; eight do not apply to the case of same sex marriage between same sex oriented partners, while the three that apply cannot generate the biblical judgements of immorality and abhorrence without the first eight. 3) Does a same sex marriage between same sex oriented Christians fulfill the biblical ideal of marriage? In every way possible in the permanent absence of heterosexual attraction, yes it does. So, in the absence of any moral condemnation from scripture, it is to be recommended over the expectation of lifelong celibacy. This provides Evangelicals with a new and better response to the biblical and practical problems raised by same sex orientation. + Download

Evangelical Churches and
Same Sex Orientation

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Romans 1 and Evangelical
Same Sex Marriage

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The first paper, "Evangelical Churches and Same Sex Orientation," is introductory; check the summary in "Romans 1 and Evangelical Same Sex Marriage" to see if you need to refer back to it. An appendix remains to be added on the question of theodicy, i.e. _should_ scripture have addressed orientation? Watch this space. :) These papers are accessible summaries of longer works in progress. + Where this Argument Fits in the Evangelical Landscape How Evangelicals approach same sex issues in general depends primarily on what we think about orientation. Either same sex orientation does not exist,
  1. so we oppose homosexuality as a rationalisation of an immoral "lifestyle choice", while emphasizing that we love and want the best for "gay" and "lesbian" people.
Or same sex orientation does exist, to which we respond in one of several ways:
  1. Either we can't reconcile this with the biblical prohibitions, so we ignore or discard them, whether implicitly through vagueness and avoidance, or explicitly through denial.
  2. Or we recognize this tension in faith and practice, but we emphasize what we can be sure of, such as God's love and Christ's character. So we reject antagonism or disengagement, acknowledge our uncertainty, and work toward a resolution (maybe).
  3. Or we find that this changes nothing in moral or biblical terms, so while we empathize, we emphasize that orientation change (if we think that possible) or lifelong celibacy are the only Evangelical options.
All of which, I suggest, have significant drawbacks. Here's a better answer:
  1. Or we examine same sex orientation and marriage together, and find that that this matches none of the biblical judgements of immorality and abhorrence. So we recommend same sex marriage for same sex oriented Evangelicals on biblical grounds.
An argument for #5 appears in the paper above, "Romans 1 and Evangelical Same Sex Marriage", and is outlined in the flowchart below, "A Fifth Alternative". + Discussion Aids

A Fifth Alternative
for Evangelicals on
Same Sex Orientation

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Breaking the Ice
Some Practical Scenarios
For Discussion

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+ Corrections & Critiques I'm looking for knowledgeable and informed critiques of this proposal. Send yours to the address on the paper, stating whether you give permission for your work to be published here, whether explicitly or through a license like ^[Creative Commons]. ^ http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/au/ * [NC 2014-01-01] None yet received. Don't hold back.

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