! PopSquares -- a JQuery Screensaver % A jQuery clone of a Linux Screensaver. The screensaver opens after 5 minutes of inactivity and closes again when mouse or keyboard activity is detected. Alternatively, click the 'Screensaver' link in the footer, then click again to close (or F11 to fullscreen it in most browsers). $figure popsquares.jpg The original 5x5 XScreensaver hack. This is a jQuery clone of a Linux screensaver. According to ^[JWZ] the first was made by Levi Burton in 2003. ^[CTho] made a rather kinetic web version in 2007. This one's designed for tranquility. ^ http://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/screenshots/ ^ http://ctho.org/toys/popsquares.html * ^[/js/popSquares.js] * ^[/css/popSquares.css] ^ /js/popSquares.js ^ /css/popSquares.css The script is public domain. It depends on jQuery, then on Paul Irish's IdleTimer script, which requires JQuery > 1.7, or it will throw warnings in WebKit browsers like Chrome (as of Sept 2012). * ^[http://paulirish.com/2009/jquery-idletimer-plugin/] ^ http://paulirish.com/2009/jquery-idletimer-plugin/ Nov 2014: James Moberg has a neat new Clock Screensaver, along similar lines: * ^[http://gamesover2600.tumblr.com/post/103218365604/jquery-screensaver-clock-demo] ^ http://gamesover2600.tumblr.com/post/103218365604/jquery-screensaver-clock-demo

Κρήνη εὐκρὰς πρὸς χειμῶνα καὶ θέρος.
A stream of good temperature, summer and winter.

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